Seriously, even my own kids don’t read this blog anymore. Well, the older two at least. My youngest is still at home and confesses to checking for updates once or twice a week.

Any personal delusions of punditry evaporated with Rick Perry’s aspirations of presidential grandeur. It’s small consolation that I find myself in the company of several other professionals that are constantly updating their analysis of the ever-changing election cycle. Believe me, I looked in vain for someone who predicted a Romney/Santorum finale last summer.

When I look at the search stats that point readers to this site, Schrodinger and Hank Warton recur as  the usual suspects. Katy Perry has rightfully reclaimed the first page of Google searches for “perrylicious”, and I really can’t see anyone doing the advanced search for “Rick Perry”  until the next presidential election cycle.

Speaking of which, I once thought that the 2012 Republican nominee would come to be seen as either channeling 1996 or 1980 and, paraphrasing Dan Quayle, Mitt Romney is no Ronald Reagan. Once again, in a race against a wounded Democratic incumbent, the GOP is managing to snatch defeat from the jaws of certain victory. Which will lead to endless, hand wringing regret by the party’s base that will carry the “when we nominate a moderate, we lose” refrain into 2016. Perhaps had they been allowed to nominate the intestinal byproduct and suffer an ignominious defeat of Goldwater/McGovern proportions they might have learned Joe Scarborough’s dad was right, crazy never wins.

So here we are in March and I’m looking back at my last dead pool prediction from November where I wrote off Santorum as “done after Iowa”. Much has transpired since then, to wit, a majority of voters that lack a medical background are now intimately familiar with the term “transvaginal ultrasound” courtesy of GOP lawmakers. Curiously, when the Texas legislature enacted what is essentially a duplicate of the recently failed Virginia statute last year, the word “transvaginal” failed to make the hyperspace jump from Austin into the national discourse about the political penetration of women’s lives. You have to get well beyond the headlines of this Dallas Morning News story from January of this year to find  the words “vaginal probe”,  now nearly synonymous with Virginia governor (and VP wannabe) Bob McDonell. It’s all in the optics, people!