Here we are a week away from the South Carolina primary that Willard seems poised to win merely by the fractured nature of the opposition. Had the scarecrow followed his intuition and bailed after a single digit Iowa finish, this picture could be different. Rumor has it that Anita pushed hard to reinforce his megalomaniacally hopeless instincts, or perhaps he thinks the Texas social conservative confab this weekend will anoint him the prefered non-Romney and pressure Santorum and Gingrich out.

Speaking of Gingrich, I finally had a chance to see the entire 27 minute version of “When Mitt Romney came to town” which can truly be seen as the director’s cut of the 3 minute attack ad that has been out there for some time. For a hilarious waste of time check out the complete deleted scenes and add your own using the #deletedbain hashtag. My favorites:

As his coffee cup shatters on the floor, Newt Gingrich realizes too late that Romney was Keyser Soze the whole time.

Romney  hires Nurse Ratched to lobotomize laid-off workers.

Romney sends Maria back to the abbey…THEN fires all the nuns.

Bain spinoff produces Soylent Green.

 Using money from foreign investors, Romney finances the Star Wars prequels.

Romney feeds surplus workers into a woodchipper.

When Romney is told half the people on the boat are going to drown, he sniffs, “Not the better half.”