While I personally fall into the camp that the Perry campaign is essentially dead, it is interesting to see buyers remorse among the GOP faithful that were never sold on Willard and have misgivings about current flavor of the month “Doughy Marshmallow“.

Enter two items from redstate.com; in the first Tim Griffin implores Iowa conservatives to coalesce around Rick while acknowledging that he “discussed privatized social security and essentially pledged to go to war with Iran.”and ending with “one more thing, right now, Rick Perry is the only one that has the money to win Iowa in 35 days. Iowa conservative know what to do next.” Justin Spagnolo weighs in with his second attempt to persuade readers to support the Governor ending on the dire note “SHAME on you fellow conservatives that argue electability matters most… You deserve what you get.” A brief sampling of the commentaries following both posts also yields a lot of support for Perry as well as this from a more realistic reader ” I’m going to have to stop calling this site “Perrystate”. The dream is over.”

The site Men for Cain basically speaks for itself, a marginally NSFW celebration of men behaving badly with commentary from everyone from “T Woods” to “Phil Anderer” offering support under the tag “You gotta respect the Godfather”. My favorite:

Joseph Goebbels, Berlin

Have experience, will travel. I can help you gain power with a solid propaganda campaign. Remember to respond to all questions about extramarital affairs by repeating “Nein, nein, nein!”