One of my favorite macabre scenes from Paul Verhoeven’s (yes, the director of “Showgirls”) 2006 Zwartboek involves a previously heroic character, recently exposed as a villain attempting to smuggle himself out of danger by hiding inside a coffin. Try as I did, the only video clip of that particular scene I could find was accompanied by Kelly Clarkson singing “Because of you” (if you must, it’s at 2:30 here, I can’t endorse this in good conscience)

In Rick Perry’s metamorphosis from hope to dope, the coffin is just as surely being sealed shut, mainly through his own stumbles that never seem to end. In light of his recent stump speech decrying government excess, Mittens has called him out with a veiled reference to the interim housing chosen by the Perry’s while the governor’s mansion is restored. The background story in Wednesday’s Texas Tribune features a quote from the Governor that begs the question, “do they make trailers that size?”

I’ll pull the U-Haul up and we’ll go live somewhere else,” Perry said in an interview with Tribune CEO and Editor-in-Chief Evan Smith.