Beautiful to look at from a distance, but as you get closer the stench of day-old roadkill will be what you remember most. A similar odor no doubt emanates around the Governors moribund campaign, not that his likely end has had any impact on the Prince and his imaginary kingdom, visible only to the four or five faithful followers of this blog.

The same cannot be said for Jason Stanford (and  co-author James Moore), who has seen his literary fortunes sunk by the collapse of Rick. In his own words, from yesterday’s Texas Tribune:

My first book came out last week. The subject is constantly in the headlines, and the first review called it “wickedly witty” and “engaging, imminently readable.” It even had a controversial title that the New York Times refused to print — and more penis jokes than you find in your average Judd Apatow movie. You might expect it would be kind of a big deal.

There was just one problem. The book was about Rick Perry. And when he plummeted in the polls, our publisher dropped us faster than the governor could say, “Oops.” (Granted, that took almost a minute.) Adios, Mofo: Why Rick Perry Will Make America Miss George W. Bush is now out as an e-book and will soon be in paperback, but now without a publisher.

It’s pretty bad news for the authors when the Prince of Pho isn’t giving their book a major plug on a blog that is 95% about Rick Perry. I have downloaded the e-book, but my reader is already littered with impulse purchases waiting for an extended airport layover or delayed doctor’s appointment, so it is doubtful that a review will be forthcoming here soon.

As if more proof of my inattention to the current political realities were necessary, I now realize that I had totally left Newt Gingrich out of my dead pool predictions two weeks ago. Seeing as he has elapsed Black Godfather as the anti-Willard of the month, and is being given a credible chance of placing first in Iowa, my neglect is inexcusable. Though I doubt he lasts much beyond super Tuesday, he may be one of the final three headed for tribal council….there are books to be sold, and every signing helps.