Okay, so in the Google ranking of “drunk Ricks”, the Governor comes in behind Sanchez, Sutcliffe, and Fox. Then again, speculation abounds that other chemical substances might have been at play in New Hampshire, the man did recently have back surgery after all. Or could it be a resurgence of the dreaded “Ibogaine effect” that sunk Ed Muskie’s presidential bid in 1972; Hunter, where are you when we truly need you?

Given his precipitous fall from being the non-Mitt darling of August down to today’s single digit companion of Ron, Michelle, Jon, Gary, Newt, and the other Rick; the Governor should be allowed an indulgence or two. I’m quite sure Black Godfather will rejoin the club any day now; Michael Tomasky’s Herman Cain board game gives you the opportunity to game his odds. Vanity candidates one and all, including Willard who somehow can’t break the thirty percent ceiling.