I’ll start by apologizing to Schrödinger.

So the Prince and Camilla went on a long overdue twenty day road trip through the deep south. The weather and food were both wonderful, and, on the tenth anniversary of a very long war, we saw one solitary desert camouflaged tank sitting on the back of a flatbed trailer making its way somewhere in the Georgia backwoods.

Despite a conscious effort not to seek out the political content during our travels, sometimes it was unavoidable as when a USA Today was left outside our door, leading to an irresistible urge to publicize the Governor’s Reagan Brown moment. My prediction about Sancho Panza entering the race fell flat within days and I opted for sports or the ever-present Law & Order reruns whenever I turned on a television.  While searching for a weather/traffic update in Birmingham I was exposed to the fact that Häagen-Dazs Black Walnut was the flavor of the week.

I must admit that in previous commentary I’d written Cain off as one of the totally irrelevant pretenders, along with Newt and the intestinal byproduct. The man does have a sense of humor, evidenced by his viral send up of Lennon’s classic Imagine. In a way, I see him as an American Silvio Berlusconi without the bunga-bunga, being a Baptist minister after all. Cain’s longevity at the top of the “Not Mitt” heap probably has the shelf life of day old sushi and might inevitably lead one to ask “who’s next”; most certainly not Ronpaulstiltskin or Krazy Eyez Killa (been there, done that).

If anyone was going to have a dead cat bounce, you’d think it was Rick; after all he’s funded well enough to build the tallest tower in this field. Now that he’s channeling Steve Forbes with calls for a flat tax and calling the United States “the Saudi Arabia of coal” (all I can think of is Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom- wouldn’t you like your state to look like West Virginia too?) who knows where this might lead. In the end he can always take comfort in Anita’s endorsement, speaking to a group of Republican women in Las Vegas.. “I’m all in with his candidacy. Our children are all in. Our four dogs are all in,” …. “Because you know sometimes when nobody else loves you your dogs do.”