….”Sarah Palin’s much smarter than Rick Perry”

I have to say I agree with Scarborough on this one, Madame Sarah may have falsely claimed the ability to see Russia from her house but at least she hasn’t advocated sending our troops there. On the other hand, you might be able to see Mexico from the Perry’s hunting camp, that until a couple of years ago was identified by a rock bearing this inscription…

Before beginning his tenure as Texas’ longest serving governor, and in his debut as a freshly minted Republican, Rick defeated the incumbent (Jim Hightower) for Agriculture Commissioner in 1990. Jim Hightower had previously become the state’s  fourth ag commissioner, after defeating Reagan Brown, who is perhaps best remembered for sticking his hand into a mound of fire ants on camera as well this act of political seppuku. While addressing a group of agriculture professors he refered to an iconic historical figure as…..”Booker T. Washington, the great black nigger, uh, the black, uh, educator, excuse me for making that, uh…the great black educator…the negro educator

It just might be the right time for the fat jokes to begin