It seems that a lot of media saw Rick’s appearance yesterday standing before some very grim-looking gentlemen as pandering to a sizable portion of New York’s electorate at a moment when much of the world’s attention is focused on America’s complicated other “special relationship”. To me, pandering best describes the day’s other event at Harlem’s Papasitos Bar, that is most notable for Charlie Rangel’s “coincidental” appearance where the Congressman was quoted as saying  “I think he’s the best thing going for President Obama, but I’m a Democrat.”

I don’t know if Perry thinks his odds are better with the Jewish or Nuyorican community, but his attempt to inject himself onto the world stage is certainly getting mixed reviews at home and abroad. To me, Rachel Weiner hits the nail on the head with her comment in the Washington Post “Perry’s hawkish Israel views will likely win him more support among evangelical Christians, many of whom support Zionism for their own religious reasons“.

If you’re asking “what about the dead mouse” my guess is you’re not a fan of Tom Wolfe’s “Bonfire of the Vanities”. Amid the Israel controversy, and humorous Harlem happenings, not much coverage was given to the Governor’s Monday meeting with another GOP kingmaker.