Rick Perry could well become the fifth president with a Texas connection; granted that some of those connections are a bit tenuous (Eisenhower, Bush 41), it would put the Lone Star state ahead of Massachusetts, though lagging behind Ohio and Virgina in the presidential birth sweepstakes. This is the general theme of Gail Collins’ excellent op-ed in yesterdays  New York Times, the title of which (Rick Perry, Uber Texan) left me wondering if something was missed, you write Uber, I see Über …today Texas, tomorrow America.

Ms Collins’ mentions that the remake of “Dallas” is slated for 2012, segueing into James Richard Perry as the nonfiction doppelgänger of JR Ewing. I should point out that the big screen version of the beloved television classic is described as being “in development” and thus unlikely to be released before 2014, though the message boards make for hilarious reading as fans visualize their dream cast.

Personally, I see Rick Perry having a lot more in common with another larger than life icon of Texas page and screen, hardscrabble west Texas himself, Jett Rink. In the clip from Giant, try to visualize Rock and Liz as George and Laura, and Chill Wills (‘now he’s too rich to kill”) as puppetmaster Karl. If you’ve never seen the entire film; I don’t think you missed great cinema, it’s a tedious big screen soap at heart, best remembered for moments like the one above. Minor spoiler here, I’m sure the Governor is hoping his last act ends better than Jett’s.