After commenting on Kinky Friedman’s and Gene Simmons’ plugs for Rick Perry…..

First up, bad news for Mittens, “I’m not taking a position, but I would be very pleased to see him win the Republican nomination” coming from Jimmy Carter it’s bound to have Willard wondering what it would take to have Mister Global Warming  thank Rick Perry for whatever murky role he played in Gore’s 1988 presidential bid as suggested in this clip from Wednesday’s Colbert Report.

Of lesser impact, having Barry Manilow say  “I think he’s solid….I agree with just about everything he says. What can I tell you?” isn’t going to dampen Ron Paul’s chances in a measurable fashion. Remember that Ron Paul did not end up in the “deleted scenes/bonus materials” of Brüno. Now if someone found that the furniture inside the Texas Governor’s mansion included Mexican chairs…..