….the former Governor of Massachusets….the author of  the template for Obamacare…… a son of the CEO of American Motors, born to privelege….the former Bain Capital hedge fund executive…..a Mormon. The last comment will be left unsaid, but understood.

Try as they might, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has never been able to close the sale. The fact of having Jesus Christ on your letterhead just doesn’t cut it with a lot of people when religions are defined as Christian and “other”; and it’s a good day when people are using the word “religion” instead of “cult”. You really don’t want to get lumped in with Heaven’s Gate or Scientology.

Put me down as acknowledging LDS is a legitimate religious belief, and that there is much to be commended in the Mormon lifestyle, but mark me a profound sceptic on the “LDS is Christian” question. Granted there is a wide range of disagreement throughout Christendom as to what belongs in the Christian literature cannon, but near unanimous consensus that none of it was written in the last two hundred years. The fact that church prophets have had to walk back tenets of belief for political expediency or political correctness doesn’t help either. And that’s before you get to the underwear, Big Love, and the cartoon.