Dear  Michelle,

If it cost Rick Perry $426,000 to buy off someone who virtually no one but faithful readers of this blog can recognize, I’m sure full freight on the Rickster would run you well into seven figures, but you could start by picking up the cable bill.

You did have a valid point in raising the issue of Rick’s motivation for issuing the Gardasil (HPV vaccine) executive order beyond the “I hate cancer“catchphrase; it’s called “big pharma” for a reason. The fact that the Governors former chief of staff was a registered lobbyist for the vaccine’s manufacturer (Merck) hints at….poltics as usual.                                                                                                                               As the parents of three teenage girls, and both having frontline experience with the consequences of cervical malignancy (not all of which is attributable to HPV), after discussing the vaccines role with them, and their physician, my wife and I made the decision to proceed with inoculation well before the Governors mandate politicized the issue in  2007.

Perhaps more points could have been scored in front of your hometown crowd by mentioning that his decision had received editorial endorsement from Satan’s own mouthpiece, The New York Times.

Better luck tomorrow,

The Prince of Pho