I could not resist, it isn’t a typo, and, giving credit where it is due, it’s all George W. Tool (things I learned from Dick Cheney’s book tour) even if Will Ferrell actually said it. On to the perrylicious….

Judging from past performances, Rick Perry is not a great debater, this is highlighted in this longish clip from the 2010 republican gubernatorial primary. It may also be in evidence tonight as the GOP 8 meet for their first joint event since he entered the race. According to his spokesman, Ray Sullivan quoted in today’s Texas Tribune (mandatory reading for cognoscenti of all matters Perry) debates aren’t the Governor’s “strong suit”.

After Texas A&M dumped the Big 12 for the supposed greener pastures of the SEC, I feel no family loyalty is betrayed in quoting notorious tea sipper (not bagger) Paul Begala from yet another great Tribune story.

I’m going to pop the popcorn and crack open a Shiner Bock,” Begala said. “This is going to be worth paying your cable bill for.”