Come next November, one of those two gentlemen is going to be wrong. A few days back, I had commented on Mr. Weitz’s (best known as Gene Simmons) tweeting that Rick Perry was destined to be our next President. “I voted for Pres Bush. I voted for Pres Clinton. I voted for Pres Obama. The  next president will be Gov Rick Perry….. He will be our next President. I’ve never been wrong.” That’s a fairly short streak for a dude that’s older than I am, then again, he might have been too busy to vote back in the KISS heyday.

Mr Lichtman has a little more to lose in this face off. His status as the “never wrong” pundit for starters. As the author of The Thirteen Keys To The Presidency, The Keys To The White House, and the upcoming White Protestant Nation: The Rise Of The Modern American Righthe is quoted in Josh Voorhees article stating that applying  his “13 Keys” criteria “Even if I am being conservative, I don’t see how Obama can lose”