Enough with new millennium oxymorons like “country noir”. Being from San Antonio, I know exactly where to go if I want to find libertarians (Planet K is what was once called a “head shop”). Texas liberals also exist, though it takes a bit of searching at times to find them.

I’d heard that Rick Perry had written a tribute on the 2007 passing of one of Texas’ iconic liberals, Molly Ivins. I don’t know if I’d qualify this as a tribute, and it’s nowhere as enjoyable as Ms Ivins’ take on the gentleman she dubbed “Governor Goodhair”.

Somewhere in the tribute search I stumbled into “Let’s Get This Party Started” (get that song out of my head please) in the Texas Observer, where six Texas Democrats give their take on the party’s current sad state and possible remedies. Maria Berriozabal and Chris Bell (so that’s what happened to you!) were the only names familiar to me. I had previously never hear of Rachel Farris, now, courtesy of meanrachel.com, I can share her take on what a Perrylicious presidency would be like for women…..

And you can bet your left Fallopian tube that, if elected, he’ll continue to do the same for the unborn children of America. I just hope there’s a Plan B pill for what happens when all these children grow up — because President Perry, just like Governor Perry, certainly doesn’t plan to care for them.

After all, where Rick Perry comes from, that’s women’s work.