In early June of this year, HRH made a Facebook post linking to Peter Boyer’s article, “Rick Perry just might run” which included the following….The Prince made this call back in 2005, after the “adios MoFo” incident which I’ll try to dig up again….SIX years ago I posted a link to the interview on Kitties and Bullies, which led to (daughters) hilarious reply where she had to explain the meaning of MoFo to mom. Unfortunately that has all vanished into the ether- all that’s left is a 4 second clip and some remixes if you google “Rick Perry mofo”

The “explaining MoFo to mom” is almost worthy of its own separate post, the main point having been the impermanence of internet video clips, as I had diligently searched for the longer footage that was readily available in 2005.

Repeat the search today and you can still find the four-second clip, the rapping remix, and Steve Brooks’ hilarious “Adios MoFo”  in which Rick probably deserves a lyrics credit  However, now you can also find news commentary like “Rick Perry’s Words Back to Haunt Him”  that includes not only the original interview but a subsequent news conference where the Governor apologizes to Ted Oberg, the ABC affiliate reporter on the receiving end of the barb. Oberg’s quote from 2005…. “Those last words aren’t exactly part of the seven dirty words, but it isn’t something you want to say to your mother or use in good company.”