I rarely find myself  able to sit through an entire episode of Rachel Maddow, but am so glad I got far enough into last night’s show to see her and Chris Hayes dissecting the GOP second tier field and their potential motivation to stay in the race long after their expiration dates. Flash forward a few years and tell me you’d be surprised to see “Santorum Speaks” or “Bachmann’s Memo” (is it from Turner?, in Overdrive?) as branded icons of Fox News

So how large is the conservative media pie, and how many slices of Herman Cain or Buddy Roemer does it take to equal a helping of Rush a la mode. I wonder how many in the coveted advertising demographics are likely to feast on Thaddeus McCotter’s crumbs a couple of years from now.

In all fairness, 65 plus can be a perfect demographic for the right product…….

If it’s Sunday, you know you’re watching E!

If it’s an ad for gold, you know you’re watching Fox!