I saw that Gene Simmons had tweeted Rick Perry as our next president, and the KISS bassist apparently has a better batting average than the Prince of Pho. He’s not touting if his streak goes back earlier than Clinton. only that he’s “never been wrong”. I can honestly say that I was never a KISS fan (my guess is that you’d have to be in your mid to late forties for that) and can’t think of a song from their catalog that does Rick justice (Love Gun? Lick it up?).

One minor rock classic does come to mind, Perry Como and Reba McEntire have also titled songs “Somebody up there likes me”, only Bowie’s fits the man like a pair of custom tooled cowboy boots….

….Knowing all that you think about from writing on the wall
He’s so divine, his soul shines
Breaks the night, sleep tight
His ever loving face smiles on the whole human race
He says “I’m somebody”
He’s got his eye on your soul, his hand on your heart
He says “Don’t hurry, baby
Somebody up there (somebody) likes me”
He’s the savage son of the TV tube
Planets wrote the day was due
All the wisest men around
Predicted that a man was found