As someone recently remarked, it’s time to rip off the band-aid. The following is sourced from (Jan 4,2011) which advertises itself as “the premier media source for LGBT Texas”. No hyperlinks since I’d consider the webpage NSFW in that while the term RILF isn’t fully spelled out, the implication is unmistakable.

Texas Republican Gov. Rick Perry, who’s long been the subject of gay rumors, comes in at No. 10 in this video compilation of “RILFs” put together by the hookup site (hyperlink deleted) which describes itself as “the largest free social network, dating, and  chat site for Gay Daddies, Silver Daddies, Muscle Daddies, Bears and Daddy-Lovers.”

There have been been gay rumors floating around going back to a time when Rick Perry was…….a DEMOCRAT. The story got a new lease on life during the last gubernatorial  GOP primary when the Breck girl’s search engine optimizer managed to commingle the terms “Rick Perry” and “gay“. Following those prompts is sort of like buying salsa at a grocery store, you can chose medium, or spicy.

The only mention in a reputable publication appeared in a story by Michael King in the Austin Chronicle. Keeping in mind Texas’ recently concluded legislative session where education funding was gutted, the gem in that  2004 story is buried toward the bottom,

When public interest groups complained about the unseemliness of the governor vacationing with deep-pocketed donors, spokesman Robert Black described the cruise as a “working trip” paid for by “campaign funds” and devoted to a discussion of “public school finance.” That is, during a luxury retreat in the Bahamas, the governor discussed “public school finance” with a group of wealthy right-wing activists who have done everything in their power to undermine, or even abolish, public education. But we should be reassured by the knowledge that foxes paid for the chicken feed.