Ten is the actual number of declared GOP candidates, it’s so tempting to make the Agatha Christie analogy here but for all intents and purposes you can discount everyone else except Bachmann and Mittens. I really didn’t see T-Paw bailing less than twenty-four hours after the straw poll. Did I just say “straw poll”, and how did a state fair sideshow become a matter of national consequence.

Now that he’s an official candidate, there are a lot more people talking and as much as I usually enjoy reading/hearing some of it, the left leaning commentary today can be counterproductive. I’m guessing Paul Begala lost any respect my middle daughter might have ever had for him when he referred to her alma mater as “this cute remedial school we have in Texas” ( full disclosure was missing-Begala is a tu grad) .

For any yankees reading this, that rivalry is huge. Colt McCoy vs Smash Williams-who wins? Oh wait, one of those guys is not real. If you have further interest, and a spare penny (plus $3.99 shipping), check out WK Stratton’s football classic Backyard Brawl .

I briefly considered re-titling this blog “Rick Perry countdown” or something to that effect (spoiler alert-great post coming on July 9 of next year), and while I’m sure there will be enough content available to do that, I wouldn’t want to disappoint anyone landing here expecting only the Perrylicious. So there will be random musings of a soon to be old man- now THERE’s a title.