Let me begin by stating the following is merely a humble opinion, devoid of any endorsement, gleeful sentiment or schadenfreude. In one context or another, you’re going to be hearing the words “Rick Perry” until election day 2012, hence the 450 days.

My eldest daughter is currently writing on her third or fourth sequential blog. Back in 2005, I recall posting a comment on her first blog to the effect-watch out America, Rick Perry is coming! The post was embedded with a video clip detailing the “adios MoFo” incident, a minor glitch on Rick’s yellow brick road. You have to give Texas Democrats (dis)credit for paving that cakewalk with the likes of Tony Sanchez, Chris Bell (didn’t he live next door?), and Bill White (he stole my EARS!). This is the party considering Rick Sanchez as a senatorial candidate to replace the Breck girl (Kay Bailey Hutchinson) next year.

Relax Jon Stewart, it’s not THAT Rick Sanchez…it’s the Rick Sanchez that’s likely to dip you in excrement, put you in a stress position with a hood on your head and pose beside you giving a thumbs up. Yep, THAT guy….living proof that it never rolls uphill. Great idea Texas Democrats!!!